Fantastic Realities:49 Mind Journeys and A Trip to Stockholm by Frank Wilczek

The great truth that's smooth physics is open on your exploration, guided by way of certainly one of its fundamental architects and interpreters, Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek.

Some jokes, a few poems, and extracts from spouse Betsy Devine's gleaming chronicle of what it truly is wish to pass though a Nobel Prize offer effortless leisure. there is additionally a few background, a few philosophy, a few exposition of frontier technology, and a few frontier technology, on your lasting edification.

49 items, together with many from Wilczek's award-winning Reference body columns in Physics Today, and a few by no means sooner than released, are accumulated through sort and topic right into a dozen chapters, every one with a revealing, witty introduction.

Profound rules, provided with sort: What will be greater? Enjoy.


  • Constructing This international, and Others
  • Musing on Mechanics
  • Making mild of Mass
  • QCD Exposed
  • Breathless on the Heights
  • At Sea within the Depths
  • Once and destiny History
  • Methods of Our Madness
  • Inspired, annoyed, Inspired
  • Big Ideas
  • Grand Occasions
  • Breaking into Verse
  • Another Dimension

Readership: scholars, scientists and lay people.