Host Writer (Book 1: The Archivist) by W. F. Kuehn

By W. F. Kuehn

while Zoe Edevane takes time clear of Oxford to satisfy her mum’s death want all she is aware approximately kinfolk and existence adjustments eternally. Her mother’s strange want calls for Zoe to acquire a grave rubbing at midnight. every thing approximately Zoe’s lifestyles is altered while she meets the unearthly proprietor of the grave and considered one of his descendents, a mysterious and good-looking younger guy who saves her existence. They persuade her that she belongs to an historical and mystery society of Archivists, who interview the useless. those Archivists maintain the world’s secrets and techniques and background preserved in hidden collections round the world.
Members in their society start to mysteriously disappear. This discovery launches Zoe right into a quest full of secrets and techniques and homicide, as she runs from those people who are purpose on abusing the intense powers of the Host Writers.

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Die vorletzten Tage von Atlantis (German Edition) by Jan-Michael Dettmer

By Jan-Michael Dettmer

intestine a hundred Jahre nach einer weltumspannenden Katastrophe, dem „Großen Absturz“: Die Überlebenden haben sich in die Mauern ihrer „Stadt“, einem postapokalyptischen Hamburg, zurückgezogen. Ihre Geschicke werden von einer anonymen „Verwaltung“ gelenkt. Die beiden ungleichen Freunde Tino und Kolja betreiben hier ein Lokal namens „Atlantis“. Tino ist schwul und fürchtet sich vor körperlicher Nähe, Kolja hetero und erfüllt seine Bedürfnisse mit den Mitteln käuflicher Liebe.

Ein außergewöhnlich schöner Sommer kündigt Veränderungen an. Fragen tun sich auf: used to be verbirgt die Verwaltung auf der verbotenen Insel? Warum wird der Konsum der Droge „Blue“ geduldet? Und weshalb verschwinden Menschen wie Tinos ehemaliger Lover Robin spurlos?

Miro und Alan, zwei junge Gäste aus dem „Atlantis“, locken Tino aus seinem Schneckenhaus. Tino läßt sich auf ein scan mit den beiden ein, das gezielt eine „außerkörperliche Erfahrung“ herbeiführen soll – und genau dies scheint ihnen auch zu gelingen. Doch der Preis dafür ist hoch: Alan und Miro sind wie vom Erdboden verschluckt, Tino landet nach einem Nervenzusammenbruch in der Psychiatrie.

Kolja erhält merkwürdigen Besuch. Er nennt sich „Robin“, wie Tinos einstiger Freund. Dem Besucher gelingt es, den eingeschworenen Hetero Kolja zu verführen. Nach diesem Erlebnis ahnt Kolja, daß die Verwaltung finstere Geheimnisse vor den Bewohnern der Stadt hat, und beschließt, diesen auf den Grund zu gehen. Als Tino aus der Psychiatrie entlassen wird, bemerkt Kolja, daß er sich in den alten Freund verliebt hat. Dieser nimmt die Avancen, die Kolja ihm macht, aber gar nicht wahr. Um Tino aus seiner Lethargie aufzurütteln, konfrontiert er ihn mit den Ergebnissen seiner Recherchen – erfolglos. Frustriert handelt er sich eine „Landverschickung“ – die übliche shape des Strafvollzugs – ein.

Miro taucht wieder auf und nimmt Koljas vorübergehend verwaisten Platz im „Atlantis“ ein. Er findet Zugang zu Tino und klärt ihn über die Rolle Robins und die wahren Ursachen seiner Probleme auf. Gemeinsam starten sie einen waghalsigen Versuch: die Erkundung der Zukunft. Miro und Tino werden in eine phantastische imaginative and prescient gerissen. Aus der Perspektive eines Bewohners der Stadt in ferner Zukunft erleben sie die endgültige Apokalypse.

Kolja kehrt aus der Landverschickung zurück und wirkt erneut verändert. Als Tino mit ihm am letzten Tag des Jahres die Messe besucht, fällt es ihm wie Schuppen von den Augen: Die so fern gewähnte Zukunft ist näher, als er dachte...

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The Red Threads of Destiny by Angela Krout

By Angela Krout

In japanese trust, the pink Thread of future is tied to the pinky hands of destined enthusiasts. it might probably twist, tangle, yet by no means holiday. I’ve spotted in my lifestyles that the threads are in every single place, connecting us to humans and issues that play every kind of roles in our existence. they can be the threads of friendship or perhaps the net threads which lead us down the rabbit gap from time to time. a few we discover. a few we don’t. a few are all yet long gone and others destiny throws to us in a moment’s desire. and that i definitely have had a few very targeted threads to think about via my lifestyles … For which i'm grateful.

The crimson Threads of future, we see the adventure of Caroline Stark after the lack of her grandfather. His will leaves her because the executor of his property, and the contents of his secure deposit field lead her from Northeast Arkansas, to Key West, Florida and around the sea to Kyoto, Japan. On her trip she not just discovers threads and secrets and techniques of her grandfather’s existence, she reveals robust and lasting threads of her own.

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Under The Tower (The Staircase Cycle Book 1) by Matthew McKee,Alex Horrell,Mesa McKee,Nicholas Evans

By Matthew McKee,Alex Horrell,Mesa McKee,Nicholas Evans

A layout with no being one, stairs are the type of factor that we by no means examine two times. You pass locations with out relocating, you cross nowhere with no relocating. We pass up, we pass down. yet what occurs in the event you cease? the place are you?


With me.

So don’t fear approximately what’s watching for you on the best.
Worry approximately what’s anticipating you correct the place you are.

This ebook.

Wait!!——what are you doing?! positioned me again! That step was once relatively warm.
That’s correct, You!!——No, don’t go searching like a goon yah jerk!! I’m chatting with you!!
Sheesh . . . besides . . . hear, this ebook is one in all nonsense—although, that is a lie. I wouldn’t belief what you examine a publication if i used to be you; specifically while the books’ already admitted to being insane.
. . .
Didn’t I point out that? nonetheless, I simply advised you to not belief what you learn the following . . . that means . . . you should?? rattling it all!! I’m simply complicated myself——anyway, while I stated nonsense, I simply intended that used to be my viewpoint from out right here. I can’t particularly get an excellent glance inside of. Hmm, yet probably only a peek? . . . . . .—GAHHHHh!!!! Deepbreathsdeepbreathsdeepbreaths . . . whoooo . . . okay. Jeez that used to be frightening . . . yet kinda humorous and lovely too.
A secret.
A lady.
A boy.
Now, if I say an excessive amount of extra, then what’s the purpose in interpreting, right?
So I’ll simply say this.
In the most straightforward of phrases (because uncomplicated is often most sensible, right?), one is misplaced and the opposite misplaced anything. And in right here I observed their seekers trip jointly. That being acknowledged, what i discovered in right here, you'll now not. simply as you have came across this intro tremendous pleasing or horrifically cliche. Oh, and just—. . . yet one more factor if i may.
Please remember that everything——
Everything, I repeat.
Is lower than The Tower.

Even you.

So, welcome to the staircase.

Have a seat.

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The Hunger Omnibus Edition (The Hunger 1-3) by Jason Brant

By Jason Brant

Day One: a chain of terrorist assaults unfold a cloud of noxious gasoline over hugely populated areas.

Day Two: larger mind functionality erodes in these uncovered to the gasoline. Their our bodies start to distort, faces distending, dermis sallowing, enamel elongating.

Day Three: The contaminated disappear into the shadows, fleeing the tough sunlight which has all started to sear their flesh.

Day Four: the area is DEVOURED.

DEVOURED (THE starvation #1)

Life isn’t type to Lance York. A full-time task has eluded him for years, his spouse loathes the sight of him, his financial institution money owed are empty, and his prosperous partner's father revels in his failures.

After he lunges in entrance of a motor vehicle to avoid wasting a ailing and disoriented lady, Lance awakens in a quarantined sanatorium. A devastating plague is spreading around the globe, riding these contaminated with it insane. Their our bodies start to mutate into horrors that experience haunted mankind’s nightmares for centuries.

The global descends into chaos because the contaminated flee to the shadows, rising at evening to eat the remnants of civilization.

With assistance from an not going best friend, Lance needs to navigate during the collapsing urban of Pittsburgh, striving to flee the insanity of the apocalypse that unfolds round them.

CONSUMED (THE starvation #2)

Nestled within the Appalachian Mountains and dissected by way of 3 rivers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an idyllic urban. it really is quiet, the site visitors is nonexistent, and floating down the Allegheny River on a ship is peaceable and serene.

It's ideal… so long as you could forget about the senseless monstrosities roaming the streets, vampires ruling the evening, and the insane, power-hungry human survivors. Mankind has devolved, mutating into senseless horrors. simply weeks in the past, they equipped skyscrapers and traveled to house. Now they assault whatever with flesh, pushed through the endless wish to consume.

Lance York, and his not likely spouse Cass, have survived the apocalypse. a lot to their shock, that was once the simple half. they have fled the town, suffering to discover nutrients and safeguard, battling opposed to the nightmarish contaminated and the militant dwelling, prepared themselves to suffer via each one day.

The global has collapsed, however the struggle has simply begun.

RAVAGED (THE starvation #3)

Welcome to the mountains of Pennsylvania, one of many final vestiges of the human race.

Lance York, a self-described loser in one other existence, has rediscovered himself in the middle of the apocalypse. in addition to a cadre of alternative survivors, together with the hardened, horny Cass, Lance has taken shelter in a compound, suffering to outlive the onslaught of monstrosities descending upon them each one evening.

The horrors that experience gobbled mankind are altering, their minds rebooting like a working laptop or computer. Intelligence, the lone benefit of the people, is returning to the contaminated. They ravage the compound with calculated, particular moves, chiseling away on the defenses Lance and his acquaintances have erected.

With the aid of new best friend, significant Frank Colt, the flickering flame of the previous global needs to struggle to stave off the extinguishing tidal wave of the recent one.

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Mond der Unsterblichkeit (Monde der Finsternis 1) (German by Elke Meyer

By Elke Meyer

Düstere Legenden ranken sich um Amber Sterns neues Zuhause in Schottland ­ Schloss Gealach, dessen Erbauer seine Seele an Dämonen verkaufte und zu dem Vampir Lord Revenant wurde. Noch immer fürchten sich die Bewohner Gealachs vor seiner Rückkehr, denn einst hat er ihnen für seine Verbannung in die Schattenwelt Rache geschworen. Ausgerechnet in seinen Nachkommen, den attraktiven Aidan Macfarlane, verliebt sich Amber. Doch sein Vater ist der Anführer eines dunklen Druidenordens, der das Tor zur Schattenwelt wieder öffnet. Lord Revenant will seinen blutigen Feldzug beenden. Immer mehr verfällt auch Amber dem Ruf des mächtigen Vampirs. Aidan spürt, dass er Amber verliert, und will Revenant zurück in die Schattenwelt verbannen. Doch die Befreiung Ambers, und Revenants Bann, birgt die Gefahr, selbst ein Geschöpf der Finsternis zu werden.

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Frostsprengung (German Edition) by Ute Aland

By Ute Aland

Der vierzehnjährige Joseph, Sohn eines Tischlers, lebt in einfachen Verhältnissen. Eines Tages gerät sein beschauliches Leben aus den Fugen: Durch den short eines Unbekannten erfährt er, dass er ein Findelkind ist.
Der geheimnisvollen Aufforderung folgend, nach seinen Wurzeln zu suchen, begibt sich Joseph auf die Wanderung und kommt in ein fremdes Land, das unter der Besatzung der unheimlichen Nomead leidet. Von dem unbezähmbaren Drang beseelt, Coradien zu befreien, macht er sich auf einen lebensgefährlichen Weg, der ihn an den Rand der Verzweiflung führt.
Da begegnet ihm das Mädchen Regina, das ihm glaubhaft versichert, er sei der rechtmäßige Thronfolger Coradiens. Doch der mittlerweile gealterte und resignierte Joseph ringt mit Zweifeln, ob er für das Unterfangen, Coradien zu befreien, noch den Mut aufbringt. Denn dazu müsste er den finsteren Fürsten Natasnil bezwingen …
Parabel, die in einprägsamen Bildern von dem den Menschen innewohnenden Drang nach Bedeutung im Leben, dem Sinn des Leidens und dem mühsamen Weg der inneren Heilung erzählt.

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Night Life by Ray Garton

By Ray Garton

Night Life, a super sequel to the vintage novel of vampires reimagined Live Girls.

When Ray Garton’s Live Girls used to be released in 1987, it replaced the face of vampire fiction. The gritty, city tale of Davey Owen’s darkish seduction and reluctant transformation right into a creature of the undead has develop into a vintage of the genre.

In Night Life, approximately 20 years after combating the vampires of the middle of the night membership in long island urban, Davey is a marked guy. He lives a quiet lifestyles in l. a. with the affection of his existence, Casey Thorne. The vampires he didn't break again then were searching him ever because, desirous to take their revenge—and now they've got chanced on him. For what he did to them, they're decided to make him pay along with his final drop of blood. With the aid of previous pals and new allies, Davey and Casey needs to face the bloodthirsty nightmare in their previous. This time, they won't have a future.

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The Children's Hour: A Supernatural Thriller by Douglas Clegg

By Douglas Clegg

The youngsters are again. And this time, they are out for blood. during this gripping supernatural mystery of horror and edge-of-your-seat suspense -- from New York Times bestselling writer Douglas Clegg -- whatever is very unsuitable with the youngsters of Colony, West Virginia.

Also steered: Nightmare House & Bad Karma. style within the seek time period: Douglas Clegg

"Clegg is the simplest horror author of the post-Stephen King generation." - Bentley Little, bestselling writer of The Haunting.

When Joe Gardner returns along with his spouse and little ones to the peaceable mountain city of Colony, West Virginia, he doesn’t anticipate finding the lady who disappeared whilst he used to be a boy.

But she recalls Joe -- and her different neighbors who left her at the back of, approach down in a deep good inside of a mysterious barn.

"Clegg's tales can kick back the backbone so successfully that the reader should still continue paramedics on standby."-- Dean Koontz, long island instances Bestselling Author.

Is she a vampire?

Or anything extra demonic...

Whatever’s lurking within the outdated mines lower than the city has been disturbed via Joe’s go back. Joe did anything while he used to be a boy – anything that stopped the fear and evil from erupting.

But now, a creature dwelling in darkness desires out.

It’s going to exploit the youngsters of Colony to special its revenge...

Its hour has come 'round ultimately – the Children’s Hour…

"Douglas Clegg understands precisely what scares us, and he is aware how one can twist these fears into hair-raising chills..." -- Tess Gerritsen, long island occasions Bestselling Author.

Books by way of Douglas Clegg

Goat Dance
Dark of the Eye
The Words
Wild Things
The kid's Hour
The Criminally Insane Series:
undesirable Karma
pink Angel
evening Cage
The Harrow Series:
Nightmare House
The Infinite
The Abandoned
The Hour prior to Dark
You Come while I name You
The Nightmare Chronicles
The equipment of Night
The Necromancer

compliment for Douglas Clegg's fiction

"Clegg is the easiest horror author of the post-Stephen King generation."
-- Bentley Little, writer of The Policy

"Clegg delivers!"
-- John Saul, bestselling writer of Faces of worry and The Devil's Labyrinth.

"Douglas Clegg has develop into the hot superstar in horror fiction."
-- Peter Straub
author of misplaced Boy, misplaced woman and the hot York instances Bestseller Black condo (with Stephen King)

"Clegg's tales can relax the backbone so successfully that the reader may still retain paramedics on standby."
-- Dean Koontz

"Clegg is likely one of the best!"
-- Richard Laymon

"Douglas Clegg is a weaver of nightmares!"
-- Robert R. McCammon
author of The Queen of Bedlam and Speaks The Nightbird.

in regards to the Author

Douglas Clegg is the writer of horror, gothic, myth, mystery and suspense fiction. He wrote the 1st draft of The kid's Hour within the city within which it really is set. He at the moment lives close to the coast of latest England in a spot known as Villa Diodati, is married, and has a small menagerie of critters.

FIC031070FICTION / Thrillers / Supernatural
FIC030000FICTION / Thrillers / Suspense
FIC015000FICTION / Horror
FIC024000FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

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D.V.M. (Lethal Believers Series - Letalis Edition Book 2) by G. Mitchell Baker

By G. Mitchell Baker

D.V.M. the second one novel within the deadly Believers sequence is a narrative with a plausible, deadly twist… Baker maintains to interact readers along with his cryptic kind and strong storyline. Baker is a grasp at shrouding the mundane in secret and twisting the storyline in order that the seeming unrelated turns into oh so hooked up. ... D.V.M. is robust adequate to learn by itself benefit ... it flows well from the 1st in sequence, 'The Innocents'.

This good written booklet will maintain you at the fringe of your seat. it's certainly now not predictable neither is it a customary paranormal tale. simply in case you imagine you've learn each attainable tale line or plot, a brand new twist of occasions and eventualities seems. The sophistication within the writing will preserve you guessing. D.V.M. is an interesting well-written tale… The writing is smart, targeted, transparent and even as complex.

The scene with Random is so genuine, so heartbreaking, so emotional … it's a infrequent writer that may make the readers scream ‘NO!’, whereas analyzing. The myths and the characters have been interesting. plausible characters melded with an excellently interwoven plot make this a ‘must learn’ and a truly tough ebook to place down as soon as begun. This tale with all its intrigue and suspense will surely seize your consciousness and the grip will carry you the entire means through...

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